image depicting a chaperone

Chaperone Policy

For all intimate examinations, patients will be offered a chaperone (impartial observer).

This will usually be another Doctor, Nurse or Health Care Assistant. If another clinician is not available, the Doctor or Nurse may rearrange the examination for when one is available.

If delaying the examination would compromise a patient’s care, there are members of the reception team available who have been trained to act as chaperone and can be used with patients' consent. Friends or relatives may be present for support, but they would not be deemed as an impartial observer. If you decline a chaperone, this will be documented in your medical records and often the examination will still be undertaken however there may be instances where a clinician deems it necessary to refer patients to alternative colleagues.

Please let a receptionist know if you would like a chaperone. If needed, we can rearrange your  appointment so that you can be seen by a doctor of the same gender as you. You may bring a  friend or relative of your choice with you. We can arrange for another nurse, doctor or receptionist to be present during your examination.